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Like most new experiences, there can be some apprehension going into a photo shoot. What should I wear? How long will this take? And so on. The answer to most questions is relax, have fun, and your personality will shine through in the pictures. Photo shoots usually last two to four hours, depending on how much fun you’re having! 
       For the bride and groom, your wedding day is a little different than a normal photo shoot. You can expect to see us a lot on your wedding day. A Lot.  It begins with the bride getting ready. We will catch you putting on the makeup, the dress, the veil. This is also a great time to get shots of the details of your dress – the beads, the lace, the train – all of those things that made you fall in love with it. At the ceremony, we will capture your special moments without being a distraction.
A note about when to take the shots with the bridal party: if it’s acceptable to the bride and groom, we prefer to take these shots before the ceremony. Everyone is fresh and excited about what’s to come, and it avoids the long delay between the ceremony and getting to the reception. The bridal party can get antsy during this delay, so it makes for better pictures to catch them before the ceremony while they are still in the moment.
After the ceremony, it’s off to the reception. Here, Perfect Photos will be capturing the moments you may miss due to the whirlwind of activity surrounding you. We strive to give you the full story of the day because we know how quickly it goes by for the bride and groom. Along with the traditional shots – the bouquet and garter toss, the first dance, cutting of the cake – we look for the little things. The joy on your parents’ faces, the children twirling on the dance floor, the groomsmen playing air guitars. And feel free to take us by the arm and drag us over for a picture of you with Aunt May. We want to get the pictures that are most special to you. And we stick around until the bride and groom leave.
During the following days, we sift through the pictures. We crop, lighten, darken, colorize – whatever is needed to make your pictures perfectly beautiful. This part of the process usually takes up to a four weeks or so, but it’s important to the quality of the images. The images are then placed on a DVD and delivered  to you along with a release letter stating you are authorized to print your photos. 
We hope this gives you some idea of what to expect. A good photo shoot really is a collaboration between the photographer and the client, each injecting their ideas to make the photos unique to that moment.

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